#12 BB Going for Goals

Biz Buddies Episode #12—Going for Goals

What kind of goals do you set and how do you set them? Annual? Quarterly? Weekly? Do you like very specific (perhaps dollar amount) goals? Or more of an aim, a direction?

If you set goals and then spend 90% of your time in a “not there yet” place and feel a let down when you actually reach it? Or do you have a great big party when you hit big goals?

Niamh talks about Process Goals as opposed to Result Oriented Goals. For people who have felt doomed to failure by past goal-setting efforts, process goals make completing the process toward your aims the goal that gets ticked off day by day, task by task. If you stick to the process and complete tasks, then every day you are reaching your mini goals.

So how do you set and reach your goals? This week we want to hear from you! Let’s explore what actually works for real people when it comes to setting and achieving goals.

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