#11BB What's Up October

Biz Buddies Episode #11 – What’s Up October

Whoa, What’s Up October! You’re here already!

In this episode, Jen wants to know how Fall Break is already here for the kids, and how did she not notice that it would coincide with the end of her Mastering Money Matters launch? Ahhh!  

Jen also shares how her launch played out, the lessons learned, and how she might do things differently next time.

Niamh finished up her free 30-day Ignite Video Challenge and just opened the doors for her Light It Up Video Marketing Membership Group! If you want to make video a big or bigger part of your business then you should totally check it out right here!

Jen also mentioned the Emotional Response record label that she runs out of her home with her husband which you can check out here if you are interested in indie music!

We talked about Jeff Walker’s book Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula to Sell Almost Anything, Build a Business You Love, and Live The Life of Your Dreams

The Self Publishing Podcast

Sterling and Stone

Collective Inkwell

Write. Publish. Repeat.


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