You have amazing work to do.
Money shouldn’t be the reason
you’re not doing it.

The money’s coming in, just not fast enough, or you’re not even sure where it’s gone at the end or the month. You want to do your magic without worrying about who you owe, what you owe, or when you owe it.

Your work needs your focus. Letting money worries get in your way is a disservice to you – and to your customers and clients. They need you right now, but you’re worrying about things you shouldn’t have to.

Let’s make it easy to monitor your money so you can ditch the worry and focus on the work you love.

It’s time to take control of the dollars flying in and out of your universe. And take control of the shame, fear and anxiety taking up valuable real estate in your head.

See, money flows in and out of your life. And you can shift the way it happens. We’ll look at your debts and assets, of course, but we’ll also look at what you’re spending on.

Is it on the things that matter most to you and align with your values?
Or is your money being sucked out where it shouldn’t be?

Let’s get clear and say goodbye to overwhelm

In addition to new financial clarity, I’ll help you create systems that allow you to shift the money coming in to where it needs to go each month. Which means it won’t be one more thing to deal with.

The systems we use will send your money to your retirement plan, credit card companies, wherever your life dictates. So you can stop handing over late payments, tuck away dollas for retirement and even end up with some set aside for guilt-free fun.

Yes, you CAN have guilt-free fun, even when your money system isn’t perfect yet.

Learn how to effectively monitor your new money systems and you won’t have to manage your money every day.

I want you to spend time and money on the things that matter. Your finances shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love. Together, we’ll figure out a way for you take those unforgettable family vacations. Or to help feed a neighborhood of hungry children. AND you’ll still save for your future while digging out from under your financial past.

Your values can dictate your spending focus. And now they will.

Working with me will get you out from under the extra weight of debt. It will show you how to take care of your own money. It will hand you a peace of mind you never thought you’d have when it comes to cash flow.

Your investment in creating your empire is a modest $2500 because freedom shouldn’t be binding

“I had a fantastic meeting yesterday with our lovely Jen Turrell. I’m telling you this gal knows her stuff. Before meeting Desha Peacockwith her my story was: “I am having money anxiety” And now my story is: “I am actually doing way better than I thought, I’m okay!” So what happened?

Jen had me tally up ALLLLL my bills, assets, and expenses and I realized my net worth is way more than I realized. That’s because I was just focused on my business profit/expenses and not looking at my total picture that includes equity in my house, low interest rates, retirement accounts etc… Basically, I feel about a million pounds lighter knowing that I’m within my 50/30/20 range (she can explain this!)

But Jen didn’t stop there, she gave me loads of resources on how to lower interest rates, find the perfect travel card so I can do more of what I love for free (which is travel to beautiful places!), and she gave me some ideas of how to generate even more profit doing work that I love. Ladies, if you need some PRACTICAL advice on the day to day money management of your business and life, you need to talk with Jen. Either you will feel affirmed that you are doing a good job, or you’ll open your eyes to what needs to happen to get you on track. Money is power- do NOT give it by having your head in the clouds. It’s TOOO important!”

Desha Peacock – Sweet Spot Style

Spend like the wealthy.
Save like a miser.
Control your money, instead of it controlling you.


“I can’t say enough good things about this lady. She teaches debt reduction like I teach food… step by step and with NO judgment.

I don’t endorse anyone I haven’t personally worked with or learned from and this lady has been a huge help in allowing me to see the bigger picture of what I am working towards. I HIGHLY suggest jumping on her list if you are working towards your own financial freedom.”

Lisa Carpenter – LisaCarpenter.Ca

Money is the key to your happiness.  Don’t listen to the jerk who says otherwise.