Money is your path to freedom.

Money should give you the means to see the sunset from far-off shores, to spend more time in the company of the people who matter most to you – and allow you the peace of mind to know that if you want it, you absolutely can have it.

Transforming your money situation won’t be painless.

It will pinch here and there. BUT tomorrow? It’ll be worth it all.

After working with me, you’ll:

      • Approach your finances with confidence, rather than a stomach ache
      • Buy the thing you’ve been eyeing in the store window for three years – and still pay the bills
      • Stop spending on overdraft fees and ridiculously high interest rates

When you learn how to monitor your money and make it work for you, you can take concrete steps towards the life you’ve always envision for yourself. And more.

Own your finances and your future

As business women, we know the value of a firm foundation for our work. But a financial foundation for our personal lives is even more important if we want our businesses to soar.

When you call in your personal financial trainer (me) – and grab the financial freedom you long for – you will:

      • Shift from eyeball-deep debt to debt-free
      • Smile when the phone rings because you know it’s your mom and not another credit card company
      • Breathe deep since you don’t have to put the groceries on the credit card again
      • Feel amazing when you go out with friends and can buy a round of drinks without sweating the tab
      • Take control of your financial destiny…finally

Let’s do this, so you can do that.

Here’s how you can set your best stilettos on the road to not managing, yet still amassing, moula:

4-week One-on-one

4 weeks of 1:1 work together to set up the financial structures in your personal and biz finances that will give you the greatest clarity and take you the least amount of time to manage.

Have one size fits all solutions never worked for you? How about a plan for your personal and biz finances that is completely tailored to you and your exact situation?

You get 1 call per week with email access and follow up in between. The first call is where we go over your current financial situation and make our plan. Subsequent weeks involve setting tasks and making adjustments based on your particular  situation.

If you have read books and taken courses before, but they never got you where you wanted to go, then sign up for this late summer special, 4 weeks of 1:1 work for $449.

As a bonus, you also get one month free in my Money Matters Mastermind.

6-week Financial Rehab

You’re ready work with me weekly so we can create a plan, make sure you’re staying on track, and correct course if you fall off. You’ll get weekly assignments, worksheets and email support to keep you focused and powering forward.This is me. In your face. For 6 weeks. Making sure you have the freedom you’ve worked so hard for.

Power Hour

1 hour to dig down and sort out one area of your finances. Ready to snowball your debt? Or set reachable monthly targets for the rest of the year? Or sift through and cut expenses with a fine toothed comb and a straight razor? Or figure out exactly when and how you are going to leave the J.O.B. to go out on your own?

We can do any (but not all) of these things and more. You just pick one area to focus on.

Redirect your money to the things that matter and leave debt in your rearview mirror.