All the Stuff Podcast, Managing stress and anxiety with change

All the Stuff #31 Managing Stress and Anxiety with Change

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Today, our ladies Lisa Carpenter, Transformational Life and Nutrition Coach, along with Lisa Sharp, Empowerment Coach and Clutter Expert, and Jen Turrell, Financial Personal Trainer for Women, share their thoughts on managing stress and anxiety when big changes come around.

Currently, the US election and resulting change in power has created much change, and for Lisa Sharp, the dismantling of things that she holds dear.  One of the things she undertook as self care was to unlike and unfollow anything in her Facebook feed that made her feel stress and anxiety.  Instead of allowing the bombardment of news and social media, she now chooses which ones to engage with, and limits the amount of article she reads.  She emphasizes that self-care is even more important in times of change.

Lisa Carpenter spoke of a difficult time in her life five years ago, when her husband went into rehab, and she thought her life was over.  In order to be able to cope with this huge change, she learned to focus on what she did have control over – her health, her mindset, and her non-negotiables.  She also learned that this change, however difficult, was necessary in order for things to get better. Her advice is for others to show up as best as they can for themselves, so they can then support others who need help.

For Jen, the change in the country is bringing out correlations to her childhood, which was fraught with domestic violence and abuse.  She feels that there are some hard-won rights that women have gotten used to, that are now in jeopardy.  We have to fight back and stand strong for our rights.  She is taking action, and although that makes her feel better, she recognizes that she does have to have boundaries and protect her sanity.

Closing thought…

“When it comes to managing stress & anxiety with change, recognize where your feelings are coming from, what parts you need to address, and take the opportunity to find out what you really need to heal within yourself.”   – Lisa Carpenter

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