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All the Stuff #30 Letting Go of Bad Habits

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Today, our ladies Lisa Carpenter, Transformational Life and Nutrition Coach, along with Lisa Sharp, Empowerment Coach and Clutter Expert, and Jen Turrell, Financial Personal Trainer for Women, share their thoughts on letting go of old bad habits and the discomfort of creating new ones.   

Lisa Carpenter, at the time of recording, was in the final stages of planning her Masterclass. During past launches, she had used anxiety as the fuel to get her through the planning, which was always at the last minute and on the fly.  Needless to say this was extremely stressful, and she felt as though she had been swallowed whole by the end of it.  

She has had to change her approach, and now plans ahead and comes from a place of ease.  The temptation to stray from the task at hand to check out Facebook, respond to a text, or whatever other “itch” is calling her, is a very real challenge. Putting her phone in another room, and clearing her calendar has allowed her to give herself the space she needs to do what she needs to do, in a timely fashion.

Lisa Sharp, a notorious self-proclaimed procrastinator, shares that her last minute mentality is in fact a protection mechanism that she uses to not hold herself accountable for the success of her endeavors, because she puts things together at the last minute.   Even though it is uncomfortable, it is the known variable, and her default.  

She shares that focusing on one thing at a time, and staying the course, allows you to accomplish so much more.  She suggests using timers to keep on track and recommends them all the time to her clients.  

In the throes of writing her first novel, Jen Turrell is also very familiar with the issue of time wasting, and distraction from the task at hand.  Writing is a long term project that doesn’t have an immediate return on time invested, so being conscious of time management is very important.  

For her, social media can be a total waste of time.  On the other hand, she also finds it to be very useful both to spread her message, learn about the goings on in the country and around the world that interest her.    She has the 90 day year planner, and it really has helped her stay on track.  She uses 15 minute increments to stay on task with a timer as well and has found she is much more productive that way.  Having a daily theme is also helpful – i.e. Monday is planning day, Tuesday is Podcast/Promo day, Wednesday is Writing day etc.  

Closing thought…  

“Stay in the room, both literally and figuratively until you have done what you said you were going to do.” – Lisa Sharp

Lisa Sharp’s program The Blueprint Program is always open. Jen Turrell’s program Money Matters Mastermind can be found at And be sure to check out Lisa Carpenter’s E.A.T.! Program.

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