Hi, I’m Jen Turrell, and I believe women need to be in control of their own money

Money is power. Money is a voice. Money opens up opportunities. My overriding mission is to help women make the most of their finances.

You can do this. You can make your money align with your values and your goals – and you can feel financially taken care of. The best part is you are the one taking care of you.

Think of me as your personal prosperity coach. I help female entrepreneurs and self-employed women take control of their finances.

It’s time women learn to negotiate everything from pay packages and retirement matches to mortgages and divorce settlements. We women can take care of ourselves and our money, just as we care for our children.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I pressed my first vinyl record fifteen years ago. In 2001, I married a British citizen. The American Tax code was Greek to him. So I took over our personal and business finances and have been doing them ever since.

I hired professionals to help me and learned from many sources along the way. In 2010, when my oldest daughter was diagnosed with autism, I took a plunge into the world of special needs finance and again learned all I could from every source available. Now I manage multiple small businesses while also running an early intervention program for my two kids with autism.

As well as anyone, I know that there are things in this world that money can’t buy. But I also know there are times when having money gives you the power to make something happen, gives you a voice.

Women should experience the power, the voice, the security and the opportunities that money CAN buy.

Check out my services and see how I can help you take control of your money.